Monday September 16th 2019

ANA issues revised position statement on therapeutic marijuana


The American Nurses Association Board of Directors recently adopted a revised position statement on the therapeutic use of marijuana and related cannabinoids.

This revision, conducted by the ANA Center for Ethics and Human Rights, is part of an ongoing process ANA undertakes to ensure all of the association’s position statements remain up to date and relevant to nurses and within the greater health care environment.

The position statement outlines recommendations that call for ANA to strongly support:

• Scientific review of marijuana’s status as a federal Schedule I controlled substance and relisting it as a federal Schedule II controlled substance for purposes of facilitating research;

• Development of prescribing standards that include indications for use, specific dose, route, expected effect and possible side effects, as well as indications for stopping a medication;

• Establishing evidence-based standards for the use of marijuana and related cannabinoids;

• Protection from criminal or civil penalties for patients using therapeutic marijuana and related cannabinoids as permitted under state laws;

• And, exemption from criminal prosecution, civil liability or professional sanctioning, such as loss of licensure or credentialing, for health care practitioners who discuss treatment alternatives concerning marijuana or who prescribe, dispense or administer marijuana in accordance with professional standards and state laws.

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