Tuesday October 22nd 2019

ANA: Leading in a changing world

Pamela Cipiano

The 2016 Membership Assembly gathering in Washington, DC, June 23-25, delivered something for everyone! From advocating on Capitol Hill to taking action on bylaws and electing ANA leaders, from adopting our declaration for addressing gun violence to unveiling a new strategic plan, ANA members demonstrated their dedication to leading in a changing world.

As well, 36 organizational affiliates collaborated on actions to address mutual health care and nursing issues and participate in the Assembly. All nine past ANA presidents joined the meeting to celebrate ANA’s 120th Anniversary and add their expertise. And, we recognized 11 exceptional award winners, including two Hall of Fame inductees. It was time for celebration as well as hard work.

The Membership Assembly, our highest policymaking body, approved a bylaws change that will extend and expand a membership pilot program that is showing positive results and will inform future directions for engaging members. Declaring actions to stop gun violence, which threatens safety and human rights, received overwhelming support. We also had substantive discussions on three topics where our health care system has been failing — ensuring appropriate care for LGBTQ individuals, preventing harm through partnerships with patients, family members and the community, and providing supportive management of nurses with substance use disorder. Steps are under way to address these arduous challenges.

I was honored to be elected to a second term as president and remain committed to our work to raise awareness so that nurses are “top of mind” to lead changes in health care. On the horizon is our ambitious strategic innovation plan that begins in 2017. Following successful transitions over the past five years to more streamlined governance, rapid communications platforms and steady membership growth, we turn our attention to advancing our mission and growing our influence. To do this we embrace a bold new vision: All nurses as a powerful unified force in engaging consumers and transforming health and health care.

Our mission remains unchanged: Nurses advancing our profession to improve health for all. And we have also adopted a new set of core values:

Service-Focused: Keeping the needs and desires of members and those we serve at the center of our decisions and actions

Innovative: Leading the organization and others into the future by continually inventing and re-inventing what we do and how we do it

Data-Driven: Leveraging both qualitative and quantitative insights as a guide for making the most informed decisions

Impactful: Adding the greatest value to all we do by continually assessing and addressing the most significant needs and challenges of those we serve

Effective: Focusing on operational excellence in how we work internally and externally

Inclusive: Involving and collaborating with diverse individuals, groups, and organizations where our mission and goals are aligned in order to achieve the greatest positive impact

We have three strategic goals:
•  Increase the number and engagement of nurses with ANA
•  Stimulate and disseminate innovation that increases recognition of the value of nursing and drives improvement in health and health care
•  Leverage the ANA Enterprise to position nurses as integral partners in consumers’ health and health care journeys

What does all this mean? We want to increase direct relationships with all RNs nationwide and attract them to be part of ANA. Tailoring programs and initiatives will ensure the greatest value to meet the diverse needs of nurses. Imagine our impact when we engage with more than 3 million registered nurses!

We will encourage and promote nurse-focused innovations that amplify nursing’s solutions to improving health and health care. And we will partner with consumers as allies and advocates to advance mutual goals aimed at improving health and well-being.

A host of activities will support our commitment to address policy, practice, advocacy, professional development and an array of products important to our members and all nurses. ANA is strong and has earned numerous awards from association, communications and marketing groups this year. Even more important is knowing ANA members are leading in a changing world.

— Pamela F. Cipriano, President, American Nurses Association

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