Tuesday October 22nd 2019

New articles: Discrimination, professional relationships, and nursing wisdom

Five articles and several columns arrived this summer in OJIN: Online Journal of Issues in Nursing.

The consequences of discrimination against internationally educated nurses can affect physical and psychological well-being, and the quality and cost of patient care, notes Maria Baptiste, NP, MSN, RN.  In her article for the OJIN International Nurse Migration topic, Workplace Discrimination: An Additional Stressor for Internationally Educated Nurses, Baptiste addresses challenges of immigration and describes workplace discrimination and its consequences.

Sixty nurses from five countries participated in focus groups that discussed the question, “Do you consider your work meaningful?” In the article, Finding Meaning in the Work of Nursing: An International Study, David Malloy, PhD, RN, and colleagues share four themes that emerged from the comments shared by nurses: relationships, compassionate caring, identity, and a mentoring culture. This article will add to the popular OJIN Nurses Around the World topic.

Two upcoming articles will contribute to the OJIN Partnerships and Collaboration topic. The article, Examining Nurses and Physicians Perceptions of the Professional Practice Environment: Relationships Matter, describes a two-group comparative study (N = 1372) conducted by Sandra L. Siedlecki, PhD, RN, CNS, and Eric D. Hixson, PhD, MBA. In general, physicians rated the environment better than nurses and this difference was significant.

In the second article, Building upon Strength: The Journey to Meet Emerging Community Benefit Requirements in a Rural Hospital, authors Allison V. Sabin, DNP, RN, APHN-BC, and Pamela F. Levin, PhD, APHN-BC, describe a review of governmental relationships with nonprofit community hospitals. Their case study approach describes how one community hospital implemented new legislative mandates and community benefit requirements resulting from the Affordable Care Act by drawing upon existing community resources and using community assets in new ways to conserve resources.

As nurses we seek to better understand how to gain nursing ‘wisdom’ and apply wisdom in our daily practice. A late summer article by Susan A. Matney, MSN, RN, FAAN; Kay Avant, PhD, RN, FNI, FAAN; and Nancy Staggers, PhD, RN, FAAN, will add to the OJIN Current Factors topic. In Toward an Understanding of Wisdom in Nursing – Part I, the authors review wisdom as described in other disciplines and conclude that understanding antecedents and characteristics of wisdom-in-action can help nurses demonstrate wisdom as they provide nursing care.

Several columns will post this summer. A Legislative Column by Greer Glazer, PhD, RN, CNP, FAAN; Angela Clark RN, MSH, PhD; and Karen Bankston PhD, RN, FACHE will highlight issues in the current nursing workforce and advocate for careful examination and adoption of a ‘holistic review’ admissions process by nursing schools. The next Ethics column, by Jeanne Merkle Sorrell, PhD, RN, FAAN, and Jacqueline K. Owens, PhD, RN, CNE, will consider the ethical implications of predatory publishing and describe guidelines to help authors evaluate open access journals. The sixth and final Informatics Column will describe additional findings from the survey by Linda Q. Thede, PhD, RN, BC, and Patricia M. Schwirian, PhD, RN, related to  nurses’ perception of the American Nurses Association recognized, standardized, nursing terminologies. Finally, upcoming Cochrane Review Briefs will address such topics as gloves and percutaneous exposure injuries; exit interviews to reduce employee turnover; obesity and school achievement in children, and sleep disturbances in Alzheimer’s patients.

Read these articles at www.nursingworld.org/OJIN.

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